What is Gunnihilation?

Ultraviolent bullet-hell platformer Gunnihilation is dual stick 16-bit mayhem that scratches that nostalgic itch for such classics as Contra and Metal Slug. Bring the arcade to your living room with up to four players in local co-op and mercilessly crush your friends’ high scores on fiendish levels crafted in a powerful built-in level editor.

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*** UK Game of the Show 2015 ***

Gamescom, Green Man gaming

“Frantic action, bullets galore and armies of enemies”

Develop Magazine

“Gunnihilation is a fantastic game”

Jo Twist, UKIE CEO

“Think metal slug on steroids”

BBC Newsbeat

Gunnihilation currently features

  • Three full acts, hellish arenas and screen-filling bosses
  • Support for 1-4 local players
  • Endless survival mode with competitive scoreboards
  • Built-in level editor to create, play and share your own ultraviolent levels
  • Coming soon

  • More missions and more acts - we are creating new missions every few months, each containing new acts, new enemies and new locations to splatter them across.
  • Steam workshop - we will integrate the level editor into Steam Workshop to allow not only new levels but new sprites, sounds and gameplay options.
  • Challenge levels - like endless survival but with special extra-tough novelty missions with even more ultraviolence.
  • Online leaderboards - prove to others you are better than them. Chain kills together to get the highest scores to let the world know you can Gunnihilate with the best of ‘em.

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